Less than a year ago I posted that I thought we had cured the workload problem through recruiting Poonam and a supportive appointed representative. Client numbers continue to grow, as do lenders’ demands for information, and our representative chose to retire. We have, therefore, decided to merge with a larger brokerage and with immediate effect Poonam and I are moving to Mortgage & Finance Arena (in Chester Green, Derby).

Like our own firm, M and FA are active members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers and for regulated mortgages are completely independent and directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. The big advantage to us of the merger is that M and FA are a larger team with their own dedicated administrators; so I will have to do less paper pushing!

As far as contacting us is concerned, nothing changes, not even the phone number. I will continue to take all enquiries, meet the appropriate clients and source and recommend the relevant finance. Plus we will still pay commission to those introducers wanting it.

Other advantages are that we will have more brains to tackle the trickiest situations and Mortgage Arena does offer an even wider range of financial products than we do, giving us more ways to satisfy your clients. Having said that, we continue to promise not to cross-sell: whatever you can offer your client remains your business.

We look forward to our growing relationships.