Flying solo is great for clients.

I’m often asked what it has been like to be operating on my own instead of under the national franchise umbrella which sheltered me for nearly 20 years.  Well after five years of being completely independent I think the answer lies with the client response.

The three big changes in my operation have been first that I deal with far more lenders in the commercial world, offering our clients more scope.  Secondly, I changed to advised status for regulated mortgages so that my service is hugely widened to ensure I can offer all possibilities including residential mortgages, second charge lending and regulated bridging.  Finally I can charge lower fees.

All this means products from commercial and residential lenders, short term and long term, secured and unsecured can be mixed and matched to secure the best possible options for our business clients.

The result has been that more clients are returning for multiple transactions and are recommending their friends and business acquaintances.  Moreover, those professional firms who use me to assist their clients seem to be doing so far more frequently.

Yes, of course, coping with regulation has been time consuming but our external compliance consultants have been very helpful, as has the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.

All in all, the immensely wider service offered to clients and better value for money for them too, have made this a highly satisfying five years all round.  Thank you!