Rise in Self Employment Slowing the Economy?

So the Bank of England think that the rising number of self-employed people may slow down growth in the Economy. They are probably right, but for reasons which the Bank and the financial regulators have created.

How certain is my Commercial Fixed Rate?

With interest rates sure to increase over the next year many borrowers are looking for fixed rates either on their new loans or their existing ones. Once again the high street banks are not providing straight forward answers.

Can there be life without Twitter?

Don’t you find it a little bit wearing to be bombarded with invitations to join someone on Twitter, find them on Facebook or join one of the myriad of social networking sites?

“Slow you down” – Mark Carney’s Norfolk origins?

One of the delightful eccentricities of rural Norfolk is the occasional road sign “slow you down”. I suspect the Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, may well have Norfolk origins since this is his maxim for our property market.

Questions & Answers – Part 2

Part two of our questions & answers has arrived.

Holiday Notice

I’m taking a quick break. From noon on Thursday June 5th until noon on Thursday June 12th

Questions & Answers – Part 1

I often get asked questions on similar topics, so I thought it would be a good idea to share a few of the top questions and answers. Part one has questions on mortgages, property, banks and bridging finance.

Send me your bank rejects!

At last the Government is thinking of legislating to force banks to refer businesses they have rejected for loans to third parties. An obvious body to receive those referrals is the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, of which I am a member.

Whoops! I’ve done it again

After the season of merriment and good cheer comes settling bills for credit cards, HMRC and accountants. Quite a few owner managed businesses do not set aside sufficient money to pay their January tax bill and suddenly need money in a hurry. With HMRC not being so obliging with delayed payments these days, short term finance will be needed more often.

New Year, New website and more

I’ve now been a completely independent broker for nearly three years but still not enough of my contacts and clients realise how much I might be able to do for them. Time, then, to refresh my messages to the world and how they are delivered.