Finance of the week – Takeaway Auction

Our client acquired a takeaway business at auction, having been promised financial backing by a friend. The “friend”, however, disappeared abroad taking his cash with him so our client turned to one of his banks. When they couldn’t help, the banker asked me to find some short term finance with a view to their taking the business on in six months time.

Here we go

It’s amazing: as soon as the housing market picks up so does the activity in business finance. People looking for licensed trade finance, for example, find it much easier to interest a lender when they have a good cash deposit from the sale of a house.

Tip of the Month: Auction Finance

Organise your business finance in Derby and Derbyshire before you go to auction and if there’s any doubt that your source will deliver, come to me first!

Holiday Opening

To cater for those who can’t wait to get stuck into 2014 or who want to escape from the in-laws/kids/telly/Xbox and talk about something else

A word of warning – Hint of the year!

Allow plenty of time to arrange your funding, especially if you are going to an institutional lender with a property based proposal. Think of a reasonable time, double it….. then double it again!

2014, a year of great prospects

You can expect most of the lenders who were gaining strength in 2013 to continue to do so in 2014 but Financial Conduct Authority action may affect some smaller organisations so care is needed in your selection.

2013, a year of transition

As predicted, the second quarter of 2014 saw a tentative softening in lender’s attitudes. Ever so slowly and carefully some of the major banks have been removing odd bricks from the defensive wall which had been stopping their lending to businesses.

Finance of the week: Fish & Chips

Yes we are still getting offers being issued. One happy client whom I helped buy a fish and chip shop a few years ago (which he later sold), took a year off and early this year decided to buy another.

Where do your clients go when the bank says “no”

One of the annoying things about banks’ advertising is the claim “we approve 8 out of 10 loan applications”.

“Bridging finance is expensive” – Is it really?

Of course, short term lenders charge a higher rate of interest than long term lenders and when you add their (normal) fees, valuation fee, legal costs etc, the cost of short term money over that period looks high.