Tip of the Month: Consider fixed rates

The most popular products, by a long way, among borrowers in the mortgage market are five year fixed rate deals.

Deal of the Month: Money in a hurry

An existing client came back trying to buy, in a hurry, a big mixed use commercial investment property with virtually no tenants in it.

Options, Options, Options…

Economic analysts report that the value of useful commercial property is about to rise and the Government has relaxed planning rules for change of use on many redundant buildings. Also, finance for commercial property is readily available but it is not the high street lenders who are providing most of it.

Who says you can’t have two Mortgages?

You may be surprised at how confused people can be about how much money they can borrow and what structure they should use. The scary thing is that much of this confusion comes from advice given by other professional firms, even bankers.

In the Loop

How much do your business clients know about the many sources of finance and the Government’s attempts to help provide it? Your clients will appreciate all the help you can give them in understanding what is out there.