Buy to-let Bashing

I’m often asked what it has been like to be operating on my own instead of under the national franchise umbrella which sheltered me for nearly 20 years. Well after five years of being completely independent I think the answer lies with the client response.

The Buy-to-Let Roller Coaster

What a ride 2015 has been for landlords owning residential investment property, or wanting to do so.

The Short Term Waltzer

Now the art of enjoying the Short Term Waltzer is to know how long your ride needs to be and to make sure you are ready to get off when you should. If you don’t plan your exit properly you can get quite sick!

Finance of the week – Takeaway Auction

Our client acquired a takeaway business at auction, having been promised financial backing by a friend. The “friend”, however, disappeared abroad taking his cash with him so our client turned to one of his banks. When they couldn’t help, the banker asked me to find some short term finance with a view to their taking the business on in six months time.

Deal of the Month: Money in a hurry

An existing client came back trying to buy, in a hurry, a big mixed use commercial investment property with virtually no tenants in it.