The Mystery Tunnel of Residential Mortgages

Gone are the days when applying for residential mortgages was a straightforward process! It is quite amazing how complicated lenders can make it all.

Deal of the month

Unfortunately, their bank had decided that they did not want to do any more property lending at the moment and other banks they approached would not lend to someone inexperienced as a commercial property landlord.

Loan Wars? Only on price …… and only sometimes

The demand for mortgages for house purchases has slowed down so the lenders are dropping their prices. Five year fixed rate deals can be had at less than 2.0%! This is jolly exciting if you are a problem –free applicant buying a new home or if you are on a lender’s standard variable rate and want to remortgage. But what about everyone else?

Tip of the Month: Consider fixed rates

The most popular products, by a long way, among borrowers in the mortgage market are five year fixed rate deals.

Who says you can’t have two Mortgages?

You may be surprised at how confused people can be about how much money they can borrow and what structure they should use. The scary thing is that much of this confusion comes from advice given by other professional firms, even bankers.