Our client is a young Dutch entrepreneur running a retail and wholesale business in the UK. His activities have recently grown rapidly after he developed his own importing business and he wanted to buy a commercial warehouse unit to hold his stock.

Our client’s original business was only three years old and the net profit was regarded as insufficient by his own bank. To reach a comfortable level of serviceability a lender would have to take into account the new importing business and there were only six months’ accounts available for that.

Add to that complications of the deposit coming from family funds in the Netherlands and our client’s being undecided on using  the whole unit for his own business or renting out part of it.  All in all, this was a delicate case which needed very careful guidance.

We nurtured this application for six months, placing it with one of the challenger banks and eventually getting it approved after going through a vigorous appeal process.  We now have a successful entrepreneur injecting more life into his part of our economy.