We were asked by an IFA if we could help find cash in a hurry for a client who had had his business terms changed radically by his supplier on two days’ notice.

The client is an international trader whose supplier had decided to cut the credit terms for all his customers from 28 days to 7 [with two days notice!!]. Our client was unable to change the terms to his customers so needed to raise about £100,000 in a week. While he had property to sell this would take much too long and our client also needs time to ensure the property realises the right price. Various factors ruled out any kind of invoice finance. In the end the client’s solicitor was so inept [more on choosing and briefing solicitors next time] that it took two weeks for the money to come through.

Fortunately the client successfully juggled the second week’s finances and now has ample time to achieve the right price for his property: moreover the lender’s terms give our client maximum flexibility at very reasonable cost.

Another satisfied client. Another pleased introducer. Another good deal from a virtually unknown lender.