Let your clients know that right now is a great time for buying commercial properties.

Economic analysts report that the value of useful commercial property is about to rise and the Government has relaxed planning rules for change of use on many redundant buildings. Also, finance for commercial property is readily available but it is not the high street lenders who are providing most of it.

Almost all lenders are only lending for investment purposes to experienced commercial landlords. Your clients looking to buy commercial property to house their own  business will find it a lot easier to borrow.  However, all loan applicants have to successfully navigate the lenders’ systems and processes which make every application hazardous.

Only one of the local banks supports investment in everyday commercial property. There are a couple of building societies and two new property banks offering long term loans. But if your clients are looking for short term loans then there are a lot more options available from niche lenders. A peer to peer property exchange is even available in the right circumstances. What prospective borrowers have to know, though, is that access to these lenders is often only via specialist brokers.

So, there are many opportunities for buyers at the moment but if your business clients don’t know what is available, they will really appreciate your keeping them in the loop.  If they don’t have enough cash deposit, then real effort is needed to raise it all. Fortunately, it can often be done and, as ever, if you or your clients needs advice, I’m here to help.