(Thanks to Mark Twain’s biographer for that line.)  But U-turns are not just in politics!

When I sold the business which I had enjoyed for 19 years (ASC Finance for Business) rumour spread that I had retired.  In fact I was ticking over in the background and as soon as my successor decided to close ASC and work for a bank, I was back on full throttle.  Indeed when Mortgage Code non-advised sales were eliminated I took all the appropriate steps to become a formal adviser.

We have never been busier, to the point where I have had to go back on my promise to myself not to employ anyone ever again.  In the event it has (so far!) been a pleasure to take on Poonam Matttu as an assistant broker.  Poonam worked for eight years as a personal adviser at NatWest and then took time out to study for CeMap exams and re-align her future.  From an enterprising family with siblings in finance, Poonam has taken to broking like a duck to water and she is learning fast the complications which abound in the lending world.  With Poonam on board we can handle the far higher volume of clients already coming our way, and with more continuity.

There’s more.  We now have an appointed representative firm, Finance Your Business, which is run by my former ASC buddy Paul Scarborough.  In addition to his extensive network of supporters in his old stomping ground of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, Paul also has a central London office.  Paul has agreed to see Howard Thomas’s clients in London on our behalf.

So now we have even more experience on board and manpower to deal with all the tricky jobs arriving on our desks! We much appreciate your confidence in us and work hard to justify it.