Bridging Finance aka Short Term Finance in Derby & Derbyshire

Short term or bridging finance is now being used more than ever and for many reasons. Its wider use comes partly from a better understanding of its value and partly from the far wider range of facilities offered by a host of new lenders. Assets against which you can arrange finance include not only residential and commercial property or land, but jewellery, works of art, high value vehicles etc.

“Bridging is expensive” is a common cry but that is naïve. Howard Thomas’s view is that if there is enough profit in a deal then the cost of the money should not be a deterrent. (The corollary is that if there is not enough profit in a deal then it doesn’t matter how cheap the money is.) But that is not an excuse for wasting money through lazy broking and Howard Thomas goes to the most appropriate short term lender only after he is satisfied that a less expensive long term lender cannot provide a more economical solution.

Short term finance has been arranged for periods from 24 hours to 3 years. Purposes have included waiting for inheritances, for the sale of real estate, vehicles or machinery and for long term finance offers; also, giving time for the build-up of business profits, or for the acceptability for long term finance after building construction or redevelopment.

The value of this type of finance is in allowing opportunities to be taken.  If you have an opportunity ask Howard, you may be surprised at how affordable the finance might be!