The Licensed Trade in Derby & Derbyshire

Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants

The great British pub and traditional hotel have survived for centuries, and even through the latest recession some continue to trade very well. Of course, many businesses have had to adapt. We often find that pubs have introduced a food offering, rural pubs have taken on the role of village shop or post office and overnight accommodation is increasingly available.

When it comes to financing pubs, hotels and other leisure sector businesses, however, most banks have completely lost confidence and finding finance for licensed trade businesses can be challenging. Few lend in the leisure sector at all these days and those who do only want applicants who have successfully run a similar business of their own before. Plus they want the business being bought to have accounts showing healthy profits.

Needless to say not many finance applications for Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants match these requirements. Howard Thomas has a formidable track record in bringing together worthwhile propositions and open-minded lenders.

You may want to run a pub, hotel, club or restaurant as a career change. Or you may want to buy a closed pub, a leasehold business or a run-down hotel – all tricky. Whatever your dream, call Howard to see what your options might really be.