Deal of the Month – Dutch Courage

Our client is a young Dutch entrepreneur running a retail and wholesale business in the UK. His activities have recently grown rapidly after he developed his own importing business and he wanted to buy a commercial warehouse unit to hold his stock

The Commercial Lending Space Ship

There’s a steady queue for this ride. Now the economy appears to be steadily improving, business people are looking for lift-off.

Deal of the month

Unfortunately, their bank had decided that they did not want to do any more property lending at the moment and other banks they approached would not lend to someone inexperienced as a commercial property landlord.

Where now for business finance?

The recent Business Finance Expo, organised by the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, had stands manned by about 80 different lenders; and three of the high street banks weren’t even there. So what is going on and why are smaller businesses still finding it hard to get a loan?

So where is the competition among lenders?

The majority of our clients are local business owners and from most of them the story is the same, despite their long term satisfactory history with their bank, the bank does not want to lend to them on their proposition, either at all or enough.

Loan Wars? Only on price …… and only sometimes

The demand for mortgages for house purchases has slowed down so the lenders are dropping their prices. Five year fixed rate deals can be had at less than 2.0%! This is jolly exciting if you are a problem –free applicant buying a new home or if you are on a lender’s standard variable rate and want to remortgage. But what about everyone else?

Deal of the Week / Month / Year!

This may be small but it was very satisfying. We had helped our client buy a closed pub for “cash”, the “cash” being raised from a mortgage-free residential investment property (and that bit wasn’t easy either).

Deal of the month

So the Bank of England think that the rising number of self-employed people may slow down growth in the Economy. They are probably right, but for reasons which the Bank and the financial regulators have created.

How certain is my Commercial Fixed Rate?

With interest rates sure to increase over the next year many borrowers are looking for fixed rates either on their new loans or their existing ones. Once again the high street banks are not providing straight forward answers.

Can there be life without Twitter?

Don’t you find it a little bit wearing to be bombarded with invitations to join someone on Twitter, find them on Facebook or join one of the myriad of social networking sites?