All change and no change!

More brains to tackle the trickiest situations as we merge with Mortgage & Finance Arena.

Gone Fishing

As I write this early on a lovely summer morning I do recall well going fishing with my dad. It was enchanting……… but that is not what this is about.

“Reports of my retirement are greatly exaggerated”

We have never been busier and now have even more experience on board and manpower to deal with all the tricky jobs arriving on our desks!

Beware the SDLT Trap!

Purchase a second residential property and you pay a 3% Stamp Duty Land Tax surcharge. If this second property is for your own residence and you sell your current home within three years you can reclaim the surcharge. “Straightforward” you may think. In practice danger could be ahead.

25 years on: nostalgia isn’t it what used to be

April 1991 was when I started out as a commercial finance broker. My first ever completion was a shop in Ashbourne financed by Royal Bank of Scotland, a bank with a lovely culture in those days. What was unusual is that most of my colleagues did not use high street clearing banks then: the favourites were finance houses, Allied Irish Finance, Barclays Mercantile, First National Bank and Woodchester…………remember them?

All the Fun of the Fair

I’m often asked what it has been like to be operating on my own instead of under the national franchise umbrella which sheltered me for nearly 20 years. Well after five years of being completely independent I think the answer lies with the client response.

Holiday Notice

I’m taking a quick break. From noon on Thursday June 5th until noon on Thursday June 12th

New Year, New website and more

I’ve now been a completely independent broker for nearly three years but still not enough of my contacts and clients realise how much I might be able to do for them. Time, then, to refresh my messages to the world and how they are delivered.

Holiday Opening

To cater for those who can’t wait to get stuck into 2014 or who want to escape from the in-laws/kids/telly/Xbox and talk about something else