There’s a steady queue for this ride.  Now the economy appears to be steadily improving, business people are looking for lift-off.

Plenty of investors are moving in on commercial property of all types, sometimes to convert it into residential but even in the long term most of the converted buildings, being multi-unit, are classed as “commercial” for lending purposes.

Sitting tenants of commercial property, too, are feeling confident enough to buy their premises. We are seeing applications for pubs, shops, restaurants, offices and industrial units all being bought by their tenants.

An intriguing and testing category of customer are those with secondary lenders or, even more commonly, venture capitalists who have bought loan books from failed banks. Remember the crashes of the Icelandic and Cypriot banks? Their loan books were usually picked up by venture capital firms. Some of the creaking British lenders offloaded their assets in the same direction. Many of these borrowers now want to discard the anchor of the heavy interest rate and give a boost to their business ambitions. The resulting negotiations can be very rewarding giving the borrower a much better result than they expected.