One of the annoying things about banks’ advertising is the claim “we approve 8 out of 10 loan applications”. Yet again the banks have created their own version of the truth because, certainly, of those asking their bank for a loan, far more than 20% are rejected, in fact, the acceptance rate is closer to just 20%!

Sadly many business people who are turned down by their bank give up, thinking all banks are the same; but they aren’t. The majority of high street banks don’t like property deals, or pubs; most don’t like applications from those with any missed financial payments and those that do accept property are tight fisted on the rent to loan ratio etc. Unless you fit the banks criteria to the letter, you end up with a big fat “no”!

However, there are lesser known lenders who are keen to lend on pubs, who only deal with property loans and can tolerate some missed finance payment and so on.

The difficulty for any business person is knowing where to find these lenders, having the time to deal with them and knowing how to present their case. That is why we’re here, to find you finance when the banks says “no” and more and more bankers recognise our knowledge of the wider market by recommending us to their customers whom they can’t help.